Loudoun Castle

Loudoun Castle, near Galston in East Ayrshire

S&CC provided expert structual evidence to the scottish Minister of State at the Loudoun Castle Inquirey on measures to save this important ruined castle. The aim is to allow development in some parts of the Loudoun Estate to fund £12 Million of stableilzation works Parts of the Category A listed building date from as early as the 12th-century, but much of its present appearance was formed in the early 1800s when the 15th-century keep and 17th-century extension were combined. The Grand Loudoun Castle Buildings have stood derelect since they were ruined by a fire in 1941. Many parts of the 12th , 15th and the 19th Century buildings are in danger of further iminent collapse.

S&CC recomended that once the ruins was made safe, then the building could be become a tourist attaction, or could be developed.




Walmgate Bar Restoration

Conservation of historic structures can involve technically challenging engineering that requires forensic diagnosis and innovative solutions. This was particularly the case to stabilise an Elizabethan timber extension on a medieval stone gatehouse.

Walmgate Alice

















Walmgate Bar is located at York’s southern gateway and boasts a medieval tower, the best preserved barbican in England. on the outside and the Elizabethan extension on the inside.

Early diagnosis of distress in both the original construction and subsequent structure was a critical aspect to success of the project.

From the first inspection a hypothesis was developed:
a)  Expressed circular softwood timber columns had once been load-bearing but had become only ornamental.
b)  The circular stone and timber columns had replaced earlier external timber posts.
c)  Current loads were entirely taken by the timber frame walls which only loaded the edge of the stone columns causing the stone to spall.
d)  These hypotheses were confirmed by discovery of the original external square oak columns when cladding was removed.
e)  The project made use of Accoya timber for the replacement of the architectural timber. A process of acetylation gives the softwood timber a life-span against decay of 2-3 times greater than standard timber.

To guard against disproportionate collapse , the timber-framed Elizabethan building needed to be able to hang/cantilever from the stone gate tower if one or both of the columns were accidentally removed
a)  Anchors were drilled back into the stonework of the main tower from which the timber building could hang as a two-storey cantilever.
c)  Bollards were also positioned around the building to reduce the risk of impacts.

Awards For Walmgate Bar Restoration, York
I. IStructE, Yorkshire Regional Group - The Yorkshire Structural Engineering Awards 2016, Small Structures Winner
II. ICE Sir John Fowler Award 2016 – For Projects Less Than £500,000III. York Design Award 2016 - Winner of The John Shannon Conservation Award 

III. York Guild Of Building Craftsmanship Awards 2016 - Meets Guilds Criteria Of Excellence

York wall



 Awards For Terminal Building at Askham Bar Park & Ride

I. ICE, Smeaton Award 2015 - Certificate Of Excellence

Awards For St Michael & All Angels Church, Newburn

I. Newcastle City Council, Lord Mayor's Design Awards 2009 - Commendation for Conservation Works
II. Constructing Excellence In The North East Awards 2010 - Achieving Excellence Under The Category Of Heritage


Awards For The Black Barn, Heather Thatch

I. Constructing Excellence in The North East Awards 2014 - Achieving Excellence Under The Category Of Heritage
II. Constructing Excellence National Award 2015

Awards For Holy Trinity Church, Seaton Carew

I. Hartlepool Civic Society Award 2015 - Winner Of Conservation Category


Awards for Appleby Castle

I. IStructE, Northern Counties Regional Awards 2016 - Winner of Heritage/Regeneration Category

Awards for British Ash Timber

I. IStructE, Northern Counties Regional Awards 2016 - Highly Commended for Sustainability

Awards for Harlsey Castle

I. IStructE, Northern Counties Regional Awards 2017 - Winner of Heritage/Regeneration Projects Award


Awards for Meik's Lighthouse

I. IStructE, Northern Counties Regional Awards 2017 - Highly Commended for the Heritage/Regeneration Projects Award

Awards for Middleton Lodge

I. IStructE, Northern Counties Regional Awards 2017 - Highly Commended for the Small Projects Award




Beck Hole Mine Tramway

Conservation of historic structures can involve technically challenging engineering that requires forensic diagnosis and innovative solutions. This was particularly the case to stabilise an Elizabethan timber extension on a medieval stone gatehouse.

S&CC was part of a major scheme for the North York Moors National Park Authority in 2017. S&CC were involved in the conservation works for the mine and an old bridge pier in particular.

S&CC outlined simple solutions for the pier and devised anti-scour measures that allowed works to be carried out by in-house staff and volunteers.


Red Scar Lead Mine, Appletreewick

Working alongside architects, Spence and Dower for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. S&CC were responsible for the structural report outlining the required consolidation works.

After a site investigation S&CC concluded that the site was unusual as ground movement was not an issue. The distress in the structure was a result of deterioration in the upper structures of the mine.


Prosperous Lead Mine

S&CC were responsible for the recommendation of works that were needed. Such as the capping of the existing mine shafts, this was seen as a crucial element of the project as one of the shafts was five meters away from a public footpath.


Keld Lime Kiln

S&CC were involved in the preparation of drawings based on rectified photographs for repairs and consolidation of Keld Lime Kiln, swaderdale. S&CC were employed by Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.


Saltom Pithead (Scheduled Monument)

Saltom Pithead is a group of engine houses built in the 18th century near Whitehaven, Cumbria. The engine houses were part of one of the most innovative mines in the UK.

S&CC issued a report evaluating the recent ground movement at the site which had caused the cap for the mine shaft to crack. S&CC had concluded that it was more of a necessity that the adjacent sea wall was consolidated rather than the building itself.


Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum – North Drift

As part of the above works S&CC inspected and recommended remedial works to allow visitors to enter an original mine.


Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum at Skinningrove

Skinningrove Ironstone Mine Museum was in operation between 1865-1958 making up Cleveland’s third biggest mine, employing 500 men and boys.

Following the collapse of a vault in 2018, S&CC were then appointed as Principal Designers for remedial works and to carry out any forensic investigations. 

Following collapse of a vault above the upcast shaft, S&CC prepared a forensic report into the causes and designed remedial works. S&CC were also appointed as Principal Designer to supervise developments at the museum with HLF funding.


Roseberry Ironstone Mine for North York Moors National Park

Roseberry Ironstone Mine was a 19th century mine, the largest of three ironstone mines in the Roseberry area.  

S&CC were responsible for the inspection of the surrounding building structures associated with a winched incline. S&CC also prepared and supervised the consolidation of a blasting house.




Lords Bridge (Grade II Listed), West Witton

Structural & Civil Consultants Ltd carried out repairs and anti-scour works after major floods caused washout and damage to the masonry of this historic bridge over the River Ure. No structural strengthening was required.

Summary of Opinions on Climate Change gathered from various engineer led symposia and conferences from 2008 to 2015.

Test News

Test news

Water Tower and Pillbox, Seaton Sluice

The Practice provided an inspection and report on concrete structures associated with a World War I fort house. We advised on options for concrete repairs where corrosion of reinforcement had caused cracking and spalling and we put forward recommendations on the appearance of the repaired structure.

Roker Pier

The Practice has undertaken the inspection of many sea walls. We were appointed by Sunderland Council to inspect Roker pier and put together a maintenance plan as part of a scheme to repair and restore the Grade II listed pier, together with the lighthouse and connecting tunnel.

Roker pier and lighthouse together provide an excellent example of a large-scale Victorian engineering project.

Historic Churches

St Michael and All Angels, Newburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Designs were prepared for the partial reconstruction of Newburn Church on the Tyne after a devastating fire in 2010. A new timber roof was designed for the medieval nave and a new spire for the Norman tower.  Much investigation was required to justify the stability and retention of masonry.

St Andrew’s , Winston, County Durham

There were found to be major movements in the east Chancel wall and potential collapse at one of the windows. Minor reconstruction and strengthening to the wall were carried out and some small sensitive repairs to the roof structure.

Holy Trinity, Darlington 

We were appointed by the PCC to provide structural advice to the architects, Beaumont: Brown, over the roof in respect of insulation and associated extra loading and the capacity of roof members that had suffered a range of decay over time.

Farringdon Station, Cross rail redevelopment

Structural and Civil Consultants worked for Bourne Engineering Ltd to provide steel to steel connection design for the new western ticket hall at Farringdon Station in central London.

Farringdon station is undergoing a major redevelopment to increase capacity, improve accessibility and upgrade interchanges as part of the building of Crossrail.

The western ticket hall at the corner of Farringdon Road and Cowcross Street will integrate with the Thameslink ticket hall. As part of the development, the new western and eastern ticket halls will also be connected by 250 metre-long underground platforms.

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