Loudoun Castle

Loudoun Castle, near Galston in East Ayrshire

S&CC provided expert structual evidence to the scottish Minister of State at the Loudoun Castle Inquirey on measures to save this important ruined castle. The aim is to allow development in some parts of the Loudoun Estate to fund £12 Million of stableilzation works Parts of the Category A listed building date from as early as the 12th-century, but much of its present appearance was formed in the early 1800s when the 15th-century keep and 17th-century extension were combined. The Grand Loudoun Castle Buildings have stood derelect since they were ruined by a fire in 1941. Many parts of the 12th , 15th and the 19th Century buildings are in danger of further iminent collapse.

S&CC recomended that once the ruins was made safe, then the building could be become a tourist attaction, or could be developed.