Scarcroft School

Structural and Civil Consultants Ltd have carried out a number of inspections on this interesting Grade II listed building.

Initial inspections focused on stabilising the bell tower, with subsequent work following up with more extensive measures to strengthen and stabilise other roof structures and prevent damage from water penetration.

Encourage Clients



    A typical fire damaged classroom block where much of the        structure had survived the fire. We try to encourage clients        to make new school buildings fire resilient.

Replacement Trusses



Replacement trusses for the original barrel vault roof were modelled on MasterSeries for structural analysis and design. The gable windows incorporate flitch beam mullions.

Park Grove School


Easington Lane Primary School, Sunderland

As part of the drive to meet its 2020 targets, the government is now looking for major cuts in the carbon footprints of school buildings. Easington Lane is a good example of how such cuts can be achieved without comprising on the design aspirations or efficacy of a public building. 

SCC ltd is pleased to advise on the use of local hardwoods for key structural members and standard softwoods for secondary members. Our sister company assists with the brokerage and procurement of 'Green Beams' for use in low-carbon construction projects.