Masonry Arch Bridges

b16-02Bridges that have stood for centuries are now at risk from flooding.

Masonry arch bridges that have needed no significant previous maintenance suffer from two effects:

  1. Scour around the foundations and at the downstream banks and revetments.
  2. Damage to the superstructure from the force of water and debris against the masonry.
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Repair and Help

b16-01Structural & Civil Consultants have many years experience with inspections, assessments and design of repairs to masonry bridges with associated supervision of contracts to repair and help protect these preciouss assets.

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Proactive Measures

b16-03Northern England and areas of high ground in particular are experiencing extraordinary rainfall with intensities around 75mm in 15 minutes. The Practice therefore considers effects far beyond the current codes of practice where streams 150mm deep can turn into rivers 3.5m deep as indicated above.

During floods, Engineers with practical leadership can mobilise homeowners to take proactive measures. In 2000, several houses in Northallerton were saved from surface flooding by getting neighbourhoods to create dams to keep torrents flowing around buildings using turf, filled bin liners and even mattresses.

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