Rion Antirion Corinth Gulf Bridge

The Rion Antirion Bridge across the Gulf of Corinth consists of five cable-stayed spans and four pylons. It is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world and required 22,000 tonnes of steel fabrication. The bridge, which measures 2,880 metres long, is an engineering marvel. It recieved the 'Oustanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award' from the American Society of Civl Engineers in 2004. 

Structural & Civil Consultants Ltd in association with Inspection Services monitored fabrication of the steelwork in Darlington and advised on minor modifications on site. SCC acted in a supervisory role on behalf of Faber Maunsell, and had to take into account the requirement for exceptional seismic loading. So in the fabrication yard, particular attention was paid to welds subject to stress reversal.  To protect against corrosion of the beams the fabricators required a zinc alkyl silicate primer and two coats of high solids polyamide cured epoxy. A polyurethane finish was then applied on site.