Widespread Cracking

r71-02Widespread cracking in these precast concrete slab units instigated a review of the existing and present condition of the units. Widespread corrosion of steel was believed to have been exacerbated by the high shear stresses, but also by poor detailing of movement joints in the insitu concrete deck.....

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Periodic Structural Assessments

r71-04Following a spate of collapses, it is now a requirement that owners of multi-storey car parks should ensure that the fabric is inspected regularly and that they should receive periodic structural assessments.

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Encourage Clients



    A typical fire damaged classroom block where much of the        structure had survived the fire. We try to encourage clients        to make new school buildings fire resilient.

Replacement Trusses



Replacement trusses for the original barrel vault roof were modelled on MasterSeries for structural analysis and design. The gable windows incorporate flitch beam mullions.

Masonry Arch Bridges

b16-02Bridges that have stood for centuries are now at risk from flooding.

Masonry arch bridges that have needed no significant previous maintenance suffer from two effects:

  1. Scour around the foundations and at the downstream banks and revetments.
  2. Damage to the superstructure from the force of water and debris against the masonry.
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Repair and Help

b16-01Structural & Civil Consultants have many years experience with inspections, assessments and design of repairs to masonry bridges with associated supervision of contracts to repair and help protect these preciouss assets.

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