York City Walls

Structural and Civil Consultants Ltd were appointed by York City to undertake the role of surveying and stabilising the 3.4km length of York’s city walls. York’s famous walls with walkways, bars, towers and associated buildings comprise the most intact wall structure of any city in England.

The original walls were built around 71 AD and although much of the Roman defences were destroyed by the Vikings, there are still some significant Roman remains such as the Multangular Tower in the Museum Gardens.The majority of the remaining walls, which encircle the whole of the medieval city, date from the 12th–14th century, with some reconstruction carried out in the 19th century and later.


In most lengths of wall, the critical aspect for analysis has been ground/structure interaction and the effect of encroachments from the roots of maturing trees.

The team of engineers have used surveying equipment including its own specialist movement gauges to give direct measurement of relative vertical movements. The gatehouse towers have needed other works. The repairs at Walmgate Bar during 2015 have been outlined above (Walmgate). Additionally, works at Micklegate Bar have been scheduled for 2016 to tackle the problems of eaves-spread.

 Durham City medieval walls

The Practice also worked for Historic England on a 30m section of Durham City medieval walls, which was on the ‘At Risk’ Register.